25 de jul. de 2012

HEIDELBERG CD 102-6+LX (2000+)2006

CD 102-6+LX (2000+)
Technical details
max. paper size720x1020 mm
smallest size280x420 mm
image area710x1030 mm
speed15.000 sh/h
length14390 mm
width3310 mm
height2170 mm
weight approx.47930 mm
counter approx.42 mio
Additional information
Condition of cylindersDamage free
Still in productionYes
Test possibleYes
Complete and in working conditionYes
Serial number547***
Offer last updated11.07.2012, 18:57
Aloclor Vario dampening system <> Optimizer device to print without alchool <> Autoplate (semi-automatic plate loader) <> CP 2000 Control Center <> Preset plus in feeder <> Stream feeder <> anilox coater <> CombiStar refrigeration and recirculation <> WASHSTAR Tandem wash for rollers/blanket and impression cyl ynder <> Preset plus in delivery <> Preset Link <> Plate Punch <> Plate bender <> CleanStar powder sucker <> Extended Delivery <> DryStar 3000 combination IR-dryer

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