18 de ago. de 2012

ROLAND R 704 3B P 2001.

Technical details
max. paper size 720x1.040 mm
smallest size 340x480 mm
image area 700x1020 mm
plate size 795x1040 mm
speed 11.000 sh/h
length 9573 mm
width 3450 mm
height 2140 mm
weight approx. approx. 45000 kg
counter approx. 163 mio
Additional information
Age 2001
Condition Very good
Location Germany
Still in production No
Test possible No
Complete and in working condition Yes
Available Immediately
Machine number 29395B
Offer last updated 30.07.2012, 10:36
Roland Seccomatic IR dryer <> Technotrans Beta D. circulation <> Grapho Mentronic ink temp control <> LCS <> Quickstart <> complete cleaned and checked <> in stock <> ROLANDMATIC dampening system <> RCI Ink Control Remote <> APL automated plate loading (full automatic) <> GRAPHO-METRONIC register system <> Automatic blanket and ink roller wash unit <> automatic blanket and impression cylinder washing unit <> High pile delivery
 Price: EUR 183.000 FCA + - 700 MIL REAIS AQUI NO BRASIL.

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