16 de out. de 2012

Technical details
max. paper size520x740 mm
perfecting between unit1+4; 2+3; 5-0
counter approx.16 mil. only since new
Additional information
Age2007 in 2008 installed
ConditionLike new
Condition of cylindersDamage free
Still in productionYes
Test possibleYes
Complete and in working conditionYes
Offer last updated14.10.2012, 16:12
Fully equipped press <> Control system OMRON <> Service and diagnostic touch screen <> Control panels with preselection <> Double system feeder head <> Vacuum feeder board with PROTOCOL and BACHER centring system and rear segmented bar <> Register remote control <> ADAST Cover-free dampening ADAMATIC including circulation unit and temperature control unit <> Automatic ink roller wash-up unit <> Ink duct roller drive with a separate electric motor <> Diagonal Image skewing in running the press (cocking) <> Fine regulation of pile height in relation to feeder head <> Split ink fountain blade <> Automatic control of dampening and inking unit functions <> Inking form rollers with axial movement <> High pile delivery <> Pneumatic sheet decurler in delivery <> Batch counter with pre-selection <> Powder spray unit GRAFIX Digital <> Air compressor BECKER T3.80 <> Automatic central lubrication system <> Delivery drum with SUPER BLUE cover Blower in the delivery <> Double sheet electromechanical detection <> Side walks on both sides of the press <> Admixtures dosing unit (additional equipment for circulation unit and temperature control unit) Central remote control ADACONTROL III Software CIP 4 <> JDF format Spectrodensitometer SpectroCam Ionisation unit <> SIMCO NON-STOP feeder and delivery <> IR drying unit INKDRY Plus <> Transfer drums with SUPER BLUE <> Cover Side lay electronic control and function indication system <> Semi-automatic plate insertion Blanket wash-up unit <> Electronic double-sheet detector <> Longitudinal perforation and folding Delivery <> Pallet attachment <> Modem for remote communication with machine control system <> Coating unit (AD806 specification) <> BEIL perforating attachment for perforating of <> Bacher Control 2000 <> Under power
Pictures Preço colocada no Brasil R$ 600.000,00

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