19 de out. de 2012

ROLAND 708 3 B 2008

Model:                 R 708 3B
Group:                 sheet-fed press
Type:                  8-colour offset
Manufacturer:          Roland
Year of man.:          11/2008
Format:                74 x 104 cm
Imps.(mio.):           ca.24mio
Equipment:            PressPilot with TFT screen
                      - Roland suction belt
                      - Ultrasonic double sheet control
                      - Label-free pneumatic side lays
                      - APL automatic plate change
                      - Declutchable color and dampening
                      - Automatic ink feed Inkline
                      - ColorPilot D + F - densitometry and colorimetry,
color control - and control system integrated in Abstimmpult
                      - Roland Deltamatic dampening
                      - Combination system for ink temperature control and
Feuchmittelkühlung beta.c of Technotrans with Alcosmart AZR CANOpen
                      - Program-controlled washup devices for ink rollers,
blankets and impression cylinders
                      - Single-drum perfecting system (4/4)
                      - Ceramic coated Transferterhalbschalen after the
                      - Opti-print jackets including fixtures on
impression cylinders after the perfecting
                      - VARIAIR LC blower cabinet, Brand Becker
                      - QuickChange Air, fully automatic air control all
relevant consumers on console and jog wheels
                      - Kersten antistatic device
                      - InlineObserver starter, separate desk with cameras
                      - AirGlide High Pile
                      - Powder Spray Weko type AP262
                      - Powder extraction Comco

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Anônimo disse...

Bom dia!!!
Por favor, qual o valor da máquina?
No aguardo,
Fábio Mendes

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