9 de jan. de 2013

R 204 E (2000+)
Technical details
max. paper size520x740 mm
smallest size210x280 mm
image area510x735 mm
plate size605x750 mm
power consumption29 kw
length5416 mm
width2910 mm
height2026 mm
weight approx.13880 kg
counter approx.18 mio only!!!
Additional information
Age2007 installed 2008
ConditionLike new
Condition of cylindersDamage free
Still in productionNo
Test possibleNo
Complete and in working conditionYes
Offer last updated01.01.2013, 09:15
New rollers 2012 <> Color Pilot <> blanket washing device <> powder sprayer <> suction band feeding table <> pneumatic side lay <> double sheet detector <> sidelay control - electronic <> ROLANDMATIC dampening system <> PPL Power Plate Loading (semi-automatic) <> Electronic double sheet control <> automatic blanket and impression cylinder washing unit <> BALDWIN refrigeration

Preço colocado no Brasil. R$ 720.000.00 Final.

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