4 de jan. de 2013

ROLANDR 906-6 LX (2000+)
Technical details
max. paper size1000*1400 mm
smallest size600*850 mm
image area990*1400 mm
speed13.000 sh/h
length19600 mm
width4350 mm
height2610 mm
weight approx.121575 kg
counter approx.73 mio
Additional information
Age2003 installed 2004
Condition of cylindersDamage free
Still in productionYes
Test possibleYes
Complete and in working conditionYes
Availableunder option until 29.12.2012
Offer last updated20.12.2012, 13:10
Roland Deltamatic dampening system <> Dedicated Coater with Anilox <> Gantry for Anilox Roller Removal <> MULTI CCI 2D (Spectrophometric-densitometrico control) <> RCI <> CIP 3 <> IR Dryer Adphos-Eltosch <> PPL semiautomatic plate change <> Steel plate on feeder and Delivery <> Tecnotrans Beta.d Cabin Cooling and Recirculation with Automix Device <> Ink unit temperature control <> Automatic Washing Device for Blanket and Impression Cylinders and Ink Rollers <> Antistatic device <> Electronic front lays control <> Electronic side lays control <> Atlas Copco FX6 Air Dryer compressor <> Elevated 65 cm <> Press Equipped with Minimicro Cardboard <> Vacuum Pump Cabinet Becker <> 2 Anilox rollers <> Under power

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