26 de mar. de 2013

MAN Roland 806-6 + L

MAN Roland 806-6 + L
Year: 1992
Series: 862
Impressions: ca. 235 Mio
Format:    Min Format:     600 x 850 mm
               Max Format: 1020 x 1420 mm
6 printing units with squeegees varnishing unit
Automatic blanket wash-up device (Baldwin)
Lackwerk separat
Dampening Alcoholic Baldwin
Blanket wash
Manual non stop possibility in feeder
Dryer Hot Air
Dryer IR

Printer Information:
Front gripper and drive mechanisms in Tower 1 have been overhauled 2010th
Drive mechanisms tower 3 has been overhauled in 2011.
The machine has been maintained at regular intervals and is generated centrally in good condition

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