24 de abr. de 2013

ADAST D 857 P+L 2007


Age: 2007 installed in 2008
Available: Immediately
Location: Europe
Condition: Very good
Condition of cylinders: Damage free
Still in production: Yes
Test possible: Yes
Complete and in working condition: Yes

Technical details

max. paper size: 520x740 mm
perfecting between unit: 1+4,2+3,5+0
counter approx.: 20 mio

Fully equipped press <> Control system OMRON Service and diagnostic touch screen Control panels with preselection Double system feeder head Vacuum feeder board with PROTOCOL <> BACHER centring system and rear segmented bar <> Register remote control <> ADAST Cover-free dampening ADAMATIC <> circulation unit and temperature control unit <> Automatic ink roller wash-up unit Ink duct roller drive <> Diagonal Image skewing in running the press (cocking) <> Fine regulation of pile height in relation to feeder head Split ink fountain blade Automatic control of dampening <> Inking unit functions Inking form rollers with axial movement <> High pile delivery <> Pneumatic sheet decurler in delivery <> Batch counter with pre-selection <> Powder spray unit GRAFIX Digital <> Air compressor BECKER T3.80 <> Automatic central lubrication system <> Delivery drum with SUPER BLUE cover Blower in the delivery <> Double sheet electromechanical detection <> Side walks on both sides of the press <> Admixtures dosing unit (additional equipment for circulation unit and temperature control unit) <> Central remote control ADACONTROL III Software CIP 4 <> JDF format Spectrodensitometer SpectroCam Ionisation unit <> SIMCO NON-STOP feeder and delivery <> IR drying unit INKDRY Plus <> Transfer drums with SUPER BLUE <> Cover Side lay electronic control and function indication system <> Semi-automatic plate insertion Blanket wash-up unit <> Electronic double-sheet detector <> Longitudinal perforation and folding Delivery <> Pallet attachment Modem for remote communication with machine control system Coating unit (AD806 specification) <> Complete and in working condition


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