24 de jun. de 2013

HEIDELBERG SM 102-10P-S 2006


Age: 2006
Available: Immediately
Location: Europe
Condition: Good
Condition of cylinders: Damage free
Still in production: Yes
Test possible: Yes
Complete and in working condition: Yes
Serial number: 547***

Technical details

max. paper size: 720x1020 mm
smallest size: 400*420 mm
image area: 700x1020 mm
speed: 12.000 sheets/h.
length: 16200 mm
width: 3310 mm
height: 2170 mm
weight approx.: 61580 kg
perfecting between unit: 5+5 10+0
counter approx.: 58 mio
Maquina  Trabalhando em Gráfica no Sudeste do Brasil.

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