17 de jul. de 2013

HEIDELBERG CD 102-5 LX Age. 2007

Age. 2007

Size max: 72 x 102 cm
130 mill imp
CP 2000 Preset link (full version)
Autoplate (semi automatic plate loader)
Technotrans CombiStar with Alcosmart
Alcolor VARIO continuous dampening Preset plus feeder- Preset plus delivery
Programmable roller/blank/imp cylinder wash via CP2000
Remote register: lateral, vertical & diagonal
Steel-plate in feeder - Steel-plate in delivery
Ink temperature control
Dry Star 300 water cooling 

Air Star- ScrollStar- CombiStar- CoatingStar
Eltex antistatic in feeder and delivery
Powder Spray Weko AP 262

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