17 de jul. de 2013

MAN Roland 705-3B+LV HiPrint Age: 2007

MAN Roland 705-3B+LV HiPrint
Age: 2007

Only 68 mill imp
Size: 740 x 1040 mm
Speed:16,000 sph
Extended AirGlide Delivery
RCI with PECOM Press Centre
ColorPilot D Densitometry
Eagle Eye Sheet Inspection System
LCS Software
QuickChange Job
QuickChange Clamp (coating)
Colour Contamination
Comfort Consol Package
Roland-Deltamatic Dampening
Ceramic Dampening Rollers
Technotrans Beta. c Recirculation (pH and Conductivity) - Ink Temperature Control
Messtechnik Paket IPA Free
APL Automatic Plate Loader
Brush Blanket Washers
Impression Cylinder Washers
Weko AP 130 Powder Sprayer
Schneider SCIP Powder Extraction
Kersten Ionisation on Feeder and Delivery
Roland Seccomatic IR/Hot Air Dryer
275 mm Plinth Fittings
No Non-Stop Feeder and Delivery
Becker Air Cabinet System
Kaeser Sigma Air Compressor
Standard Equipment
Power Plate:400v 50Hz 155a (max motor: 168a)
Tresu Anilox Coater with Lightlox 13 cm/m

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