1 de set. de 2014

Roland 706/3B+LTTLV 2003

Roland 706/3B+LTTLV

Age: 2003

Equipped with:
Profit Plus slides
Kersten antistatic
Suction feeder
Profit Plus Carton
Inking unit temperature control
Cardboard guide
Semi-automatic nonstop
Low Coverage Stabilisation (LCS)
Quick Start
Additional double sheet controlNon-stop device, automated, including the investors. Based logistics system
Technotrans Combination unit for dampening solution circulation and ink unit temperature control
pH and Leitwertmesseinrichtung in the dampening solution cooling device
Alcosmart Technotrans Beta C
APL - fully automatic plate change
Blanket cylinder washing device
Pressure cylinder washing device
Ink rollers with special reference for the optional use of conventional and UV inks
Preparation for plinth height 275 mm
Plate cylinder undercut 0.15mm
EagleEye sheet inspection system
Quick Change Coating" (Faster coating change) 2x
3 UV intermediate dryer, changing position after each printing unit from Eltosch.
Between 1 IR dryer from Eltosch.
2 IR / TL/ UV Lacquer dryer from Eltosch.
1 IR / TL / UV Seccomatic End-dryer from Eltosch.
6 UV lamps
Color Pilot - densitometria and colorimetry, color measurement and control system
Becker VARIAIR blower cabinet
3x anilox rollers
Grafix Cantronic powder spray
Console Drupa version
Printcom Start-up Package
Approx. 140 mio. impressions

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